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Train with Laura

Coaching women to be the best, most authentic, fit, strong and skilled versions of themselves is truly my pleasure.  I enjoy helping women step up to the plate in life, in every possible arena.  If you want to succeed in business, GET FIT.  If you want to meet new people, GET FIT.  If you want to carve the most interesting paths in life, GET FIT.  Being fit means having exceptional confidence and a positive outlook.  You start to believe everything is possible, and therefore it is.  



5 x 20-30 minute training sessions weekly.

2 sessions are recorded (audio or video), 3 are written.

1 monthly Zoom chat, plus unlimited text and email.

A detailed and FUN training plan, with bonuses, sent on Sundays.


$100 per month when you join with a friend and pay $100 each.

$200 per month for private training.

$2,000 per year - 2 months free!  Payable: 4 payments of $500 (Jan, Apr, July, Oct).


Tell me your goals and I'll make sure you achieve them!