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Private Training

$200 monthly

$125 each for 2 friends, same workouts


How It Works:

Fill out the application below to indicate your goals, levels, interests.  Choose 5 weekly workouts ... can be all the same or mix it up and choose 5 different disciplines.  Schedule your first call with Laura, send payment, and kick off your first week of training.  Unlimited emails and texts are encouraged.


What's Included:

  • 5 written, weekly workouts

  • 2 recorded workouts

  • Audio for cycling and running programs

  • Video for strength, cardio and stretch classes 

  • Unlimited emails and texts

  • Monthly Zoom chat

  • Complimentary weekly Zoom class

Sessions To Choose From:

  • Strength Training

  • Run Training 

  • Cycling

  • HIIT Training

  • Basic Cardio 

  • Kickboxing

  • Dance

  • Swim Training

  • Recovery Stretch 

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