• Laura Cozik

Stop F*ing Around

Haha, ok ... it's a bit crass. But it's also one of my most favorite pieces of advice ever received, so I thought to share it with you. My business coach, Julia Pimsleur, founded the organization called Million Dollar Women, which focuses on getting female business owners to the million dollar mark by delivering copious amounts of knowledge, information, attention, care, networking, connection, all mixed in with a little bit of tough love (that's where the Stop F*ing Around comes in). She was asking me to do something scary, she was asking me to do something that didn't come natural, and I kept pushing back. Finally she said ... you guessed it! ... "stop f*ing around Laura". Now this is coming from a woman who absolutely, positively, knows FAR BETTER what I need to do to take Team Lipstick to the next level than I do ... and that was all I needed to realize. I didn't have to agree, I just had to trust. I took her advice, my world opened, and what was once scary and un-natural is now a piece of cake. Bam!! I can't tell you how many times I hear her voice in my head when I'm hesitating with something important. Stop f*ing around Laura! I hear her words in my head and the hesitation is gone.

So what physical or mental challenges do you find scary and un-natural? Are you planning to avoid them forever? What if it's something you really want but are just afraid you can't have it? Don't you want to find out? What if you actually CAN have it or CAN do it, but you just need to stop f*ing around? Imagine the bada** you could become!! One tough step forward leads to two, three, and eventually you're running. So take my advice from Julia. Use it. Say it to yourself when you need a push. When it comes to the big decisions in life, many will be made by only you, all by yourself. Smile and know that you got this.

You'll have to forgive the cursing. First of all, I'm a big fan, haha (easy to curb when it makes sense to do so). Also, I'm pretty sure people who curse are passionate, honest, and open. Cards on the table, this is who I am, take it or leave it kind of people. Alas, know that this was merely meant to motivate, with a little bit of tough love xoxo

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