Virtual Triathlon Program

12 Weeks:  June 18 thru Sept 10, 2022


Have you ever aspired to participate in a triathlon?  With smart and structured training, anyone can do it. 

And with a fun, positive experience, you’ll be hooked as “fit and sporty” becomes a lifestyle.



Laura Cozik

Founder and CEO – Team Lipstick

Founder and CEO – LeveledUP Experiences

USA Triathlon Coach

USA Cycling Coach

New York University, Certified Fitness Instructor


Laura Cozik is the Founder and CEO of Team Lipstick, New York City’s very own all female triathlon team.  She has a background that includes 30 years of dancing, 25 years as a fitness coach, 10 years as a nationally ranked ballroom dance champion, and since 2006, she has been an active triathlete.  Her celebrity client list includes Nicole Kidman, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Keith Urban, and Soledad O’Brien.  For 3 years Laura was CNN’s Athletic Director, creating and overseeing their triathlon program.  She was published in New York Magazine's "Best of New York" as one of the city's top fitness instructors, and also appeared in Competitor, Triathlete, Cosmopolitan, Shape, and Lava Magazines for her accomplishments with the Team Lipstick brand. 



  • 12-Week Virtual Program Schedule:



As this is a virtual program, sessions are pre-recorded, there are 67 in total.  12 swim, 24 bike, 12 run, 12 Brick and Strength, plus 7 specialty lessons (nutrition, the jitters, mental toughness, etc.).  You can create your own schedule based on 5 workouts per week (don’t worry if you miss one here and there).  We also have a live weekly call where you can hang out with your team, ask questions, and get motivated.  These calls are recorded in case you miss them.  If you happen to be in New York City, there are 6 coached sessions in Central Park this Summer.   



  • Included In The 12-Week Program:



67 recorded training sessions, 12 written schedules sent weekly on Sundays, 12 weekly calls that are live but also recorded, a one-on-one progress call with Laura mid program, team support, coach support, and bi-weekly evaluations.  Finally a promise … if you start your race and cannot complete it for any reason, you may repeat the program at no charge.  Additionally, if you need more personal attention we’ve got you covered.


  • Race: 


You will want to choose a race for mid-September – Sprint Distance Only


  • Cost: 


$200 – Includes a one-on-one check in call with Laura mid program.

$200 – The hottest race kit on the circuit.  This is optional, but you will want it!




To join Team Lipstick, please email our Founder or check out our website…


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