Experienced Triathlete Training - Sprint Distance

12 Weeks:  Summer 2022


If you are a triathlete looking to train with an outstanding team this coming Summer, join us!  Team Lipstick hosts this comprehensive, sprint distance training program for experienced triathletes of all levels and paces.  Improve your speed, your strategies, your strength, and your circle of sporty women who will support everything you do.

  • Tuesday - Bike 6:30-7:30am in Central Park

  • Wednesday - Run 6:30-7:30am in Central Park

  • Thursday - Strength or Brick 6:30-7:30am in Central Park

  • Saturday - Bike 8:00-9:00am in Central Park (long rides over the GW Bridge as well)

  • Sunday - Swim and Run 9:00-11:00am at Riverbank State Park

$795 includes the hottest race kit in NYC!


Click below to apply for Summer 2022.

Email questions to Laura - laura@teamlipstick.com